Founded 150 years ago by a father and son, now recognised as one of the most innovative and renowned builders in the Netherlands.

Martinus Visser

Johan Smit

Water tower Dordrecht, 1880

Power plant, Utrecht 1923

Rebuild sugar factory Puttershoek, 1946

Dairy, Rijswijk 1955

Transport Merwedebrug Papendrecht-Dordrecht te Rotterdam,...

Power plant Diemen, 1968

Construction of overpasses for motorway A16, 1972

Platform tunnel Railway station Geldermalsen, 1973

Office building for Heineken Zoeterwoude, 1978

Head offices Royal Shell Rijswijk, 1980

Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, 1983

Traffic control tower Schiphol, 1991

New build head offices Gasunie Groningen, 1994

Waste incineration plant GAVI Wijster, 1996

Long term maintenance contract NAM, 1997-2009

WTC Schiphol, 2003

Waste incineration plant Dordrecht, 2010

Multifunctional center Level Leiden, 2013

Power plant Engie Rotterdam, 2014

International Criminal Court (ICC) The Hague, 2015


Gerrit Meeszoon Visser and his son Martinus start the Visser construction company in Papendrecht.



Martinus Visser and Johan Smit work together for the first time on the construction of the steam pumping station in Hekelingen.



They start the partnership Visser & Smit with a focus on the construction of pipework systems, water supply networks and water towers.



Start of N.V. Visser and Smit's Aannemingsmaatschappij in Papendrecht. In addition to hydraulic engineering projects, the company is increasingly carrying out non-residential/commercial construction projects.


Post-war years


Visser and Smit are making a major contribution to the reconstruction and industrialisation of the Netherlands through the construction of factories for the food industry, drinking water supplies, various power stations and, by the 1960s, countless bridges, viaducts, tunnels and roads.



Visser and Smit becomes part of Koninklijke Adriaan Volker as a specialist in construction and concrete works.


The company is divided into Visser & Smit Bouw and Visser & Smit Leidingen.


The merger of Volker Stevin and Kondor Wessels creates the Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin Groep.


The specialism of Ground and Foundation technology is transferred to Volker Staal & Fundering.


MedicomZes becomes part of Visser & Smit Bouw


VolkerWessels is once again fully owned by the Wessels family and the management.


Present day
Innovative builder of complex projects in the commercial and industrial sector.