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Commission for the extension of the DNV KEMA High Power laboratory


DNV KEMA Netherlands will extend the existing capacity of the High Power Laboratory in Arnhem. Visser & Smit Bouw has been commissioned to undertake the civil engineering aspects of this project, both design and construction.

Commissioned through the Best Value Procurement process

The project consists of a building with basement (approximately 2700 m2) and foundations for the transformers and a switchyard. As part of the scheme, subcontractors Alstom will install two new short-circuit generators to increase the capacity of the laboratory by 50%. The whole scheme is being developed with help from Systems Engineering. With this new extension DNV KEMA can meet the global demand for testing of even larger and heavier equipment.

"The civil works contractor plays a key role in the project." said Mr W. Bakker, Project Manager of DNV KEMA. "We are very confident that employing Visser & Smit Bouw as our partner was the right choice."

The procurement process for contractors was based on Best Value Procurement (performance-purchase). Visser & Smit Bouw were deemed to be the best. Besides the quoted price, quality was also a major consideration. Contractors were asked to submit both a risk and an opportunity assessment. Potential tenderers were asked to show how they might achieve the client's objectives by proven examples with measurable performance indicators. In addition, project team members of the different tenderers were interviewed and assessed.

The civil engineering package will be completed on 31st March 2015. DNV KEMA will undertake extensive testing before final commissioning.

The High Power Lab in Arnhem, which is the largest in the world, performs short-circuit tests on equipment for electricity networks.

3D view pre-study

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