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VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol helps to increase central security at Schiphol airport


Today Mrs Birgit Otto, Director of Airport Operations, has officially commissioned VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol to build 25 new airport gates. The new airport gates form part of the extensive Central Security Non-Schengen (CSNS) project, where the security processing of Non-Schengen flights/passengers is passed from local security at the gates to central security in the terminal building.

This project was announced in mid July 2012 with the most significant challenges being: the modular engineering and construction of new gates to piers E and F on airside and in the middle of an operational airport. To achieve this goal VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol have set up a 'production line', by which every three weeks a gate is delivered. The first gates will be delivered and operational in 2013. The whole project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2015.

All the tenders were assessed by the Schiphol Group on the basis of price versus quality. VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol achieved the highest score compared to its rivals. Birgit Otto, Director of Airport Operations: "We have great confidence in this collaboration: the best of everything is also good enough for ship Schiphol."

Frans Snaaijer, Managing Director of VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol: "We are very pleased and proud that the Schiphol Group has recognised our proven ability to work in the operational area of the airport and has awarded us the contract. We look forward to this new chapter after our many years of cooperation."

About VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol

VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol has specialised in building in logistically complex working environments, namely where the client's operation must continue with as little impedance as possible. VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol guarantees a building process that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients, with services ranging from engineering right up to management and maintenance.

VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol has been active for decades at Schiphol, building and maintaining both large and small projects, most particularly in the operational areas of the airport. In April 2011 VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol was awarded the long-term 'Asset Management' contract for the management & maintenance, modification and extension of the terminal complex (650 000 m2). Through close cooperation, the airport management, VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) have used their combined skills to increase the value of the built assets and reduce the Total Costs or Ownership (TCO).

Frans Snaaijer (Managing Director of VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol) and Birgit Otto (Director of Airport Operations) © Schiphol Group