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Airport Park Schiphol


Creation of a new recreational area with retail within Schiphol Airport.

The project

In the Airport Park, passengers can pass some time at Schiphol in soothing green surroundings, similar to a city park. The sensation of a lively city park is enhanced with the projection of butterflies and the sounds of animals and cyclists In addition, there are pictures on the walls of well-known parks from around the whole world. The project was implemented in the operational area of Schiphol Airport, in a very busy area. The project was built entirely airside.

Several sustainable elements were used in the park. Many different types of trees and planting were used. Furthermore, a revolving door was installed that generates energy from its manual operation by users.

Travelers can charge their mobile phones by using one of the stationary bikes that have been installed. Where possible we used LED lighting. Daylight is brought in via light tubes and fiber optic cables.

Main Contractor

This project was delivered by VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol (a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw bv).

Facts and figures

  • Site
    Amsterdam, Schiphol
  • Client
    Schiphol Airport
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Bouwteam (Construction team), collaboration
  • Consultant engineer
    Royal Haskoning
  • Project categories
    Airports (Schiphol)
    Operational Environments

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