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Bio fermentation facility for Suiker Unie Green Energy, Vierverlaten


Construction works for the bio-fermentation facility in Vierverlaten. The fermentation facility was built on the north side of the Hoendiep in Groningen next to the existing Suiker Unie factory. The fermentation facility will annually process 100 000 tons of residual vegetable matter into 10 million m3 of green gas.

The project

Visser & Smit Bouw constructed the tank foundations and a warehouse. The foundations and the building are built on vibro piles with lengths ranging from 12 to 18m.


The silo foundations consist of one post-fermentation tank, four pre-fermentation tanks and a number of smaller foundation plates for various installation components.

The total volume of the concrete used was 1570m3. The warehouse is 96m long, 12m wide and 8m high. The warehouse consisted of a grid of concrete beams and a cast concrete floor. The superstructure consists of a steel frame with sandwich panel cladding on the facade and roof.

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Client
    Suiker Unie Green Energy
  • Contract type
    Specification & Drawings
  • Consultant engineer
    Advies- en Ingenieursbureau Grontmij
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    Energy & Waste
    Operational Environments