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BMC (Bio Mass plant) Moerdijk


This project involved the Design & Build of a biomass plant that produces electricity from poultry manure. It also produces reusable agricultural minerals as a by-product.

The project

The biomass power station began operating in 2008 and is a leading example of sustainable energy generation. Every year, more than 400 000 tonnes of poultry manure are converted to electricity and reusable minerals for agriculture . The plant has a production capacity of more than 36 MW; Annually, the amount of renewable energy produced is sufficient to provide about 90 000 households with electricity.

For poultry farmers this offers both an environmentally friendly and an economic channel for their poultry litter.

The joint development of this plant was signed in 2005 by Delta NV, the organization for entrepreneurial farmers ZLTO, Foundation for Sustainable Energy from Poultry (DEP) and the Austrian Energy & Environment AG. The project was delivered on a turnkey basis by the consortium Siemens Netherlands / Austrian Energy & Environment

Visser & Smit Bouw had a Design & Build contract with Siemens Netherlands and was therefore responsible for the architectural and civil engineering aspects and the mechanical services installation. The Engineering Department of Visser & Smit Bouw carried out all the necessary design work.

Facts and figures