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Construction and renovation Expansion Blending / Extension Warehouse


The project involved the construction and renovation of the Expansion Blending for FrieslandCampina Domo in Beilen. Construction of a new mixer plant for baby food.

The project

The project included the civil engineering and construction work for the baby food Blending plants. The work was carried out in a working factory environment.

The works consisted of a 27m high building with concrete skeleton construction and three floors. This structure was built in the middle of the factory through the existing roof which needed to be kept watertight throughout the works. Due to HACCP regulations, sandwich panels were used both inside and outside the building. The concrete story floors were formed with penetrations for the plant. The most challenging aspects were logistics and hygiene control.

Following the construction and renovation of Extension Blending in May 2011, works began on the construction of the Extension Warehouse. The storage shed is 50x35m and 13m high. The shed is built on 187 augercast piles with a diameter of 400 and 450mm and lengths of 5.5 to 10m. The foundation consisted of a concrete beam and slab on sand. The superstructure was steel with sandwich panels on the roof and facade. The floor of the shed is finished with an armoured screed.

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