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Construction, extension and renovation AMC


MedicomZes has in the period 2005-present many (replacement) construction projects prepared and delivered.

The project

The work was carried out in a continuously operational hospital environment, where there was continuous and adequate account taken of the fact that the hospital, research and educational organization should continue to function with a minimum of inconvenience.

Over the period 2005 to date, in addition to obstructions, maintenance and small projects there have also been larger replacement building projects: the Academic Psychiatric Centre, a car park with 900 spaces, the IWO A and IWO B (Institute for Scientific Research), the Emma Children’s Hospital and various wards and laboratories.

AMC's sustainability policy is aimed at:

  • improvement of the overall energy efficiency
  • reduction of emissions, particularly CO2 and NO2
  • optimization of distribution systems for hot and chilled water
  • sustainable cooling for the cooling requirements
  • optimal utilisation of combined heat and power (I-IT/SMO/LT)

In this context, we have advised on a number of projects including the construction of cooling towers and a fueltunnel and various structural adjustments in and around the existing power plant.

Main Contractor

This project is delivered by MedicomZes (a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw bv).

Facts and figures