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Construction of BC-corridor

Amsterdam, Schiphol

In the heart of the operational area of Schiphol Airport a new corridor was constructed over the New South baggage basement. The existing corridor was demolished. In addition, a number of commercial facilities were also constructed.

The project

The design of the BC corridor included a steel structure that connects the South baggage basement and the B-pier and a 300 m long concrete corridor at first floor level in the South baggage basement. The old BC-corridor has been demolished.

As Main Contractor VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol was responsible for coordinating all subcontractors.

Works included:

  • the new BC-corridor
  • demolition of the existing corridor and
  • a number of commercial facilities.

Main Contractor

The project was delivered by VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol (a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw bv).

Facts and figures

  • Site
    Amsterdam, Schiphol
  • Client
    Schiphol Group
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Bouwteam (Construction team), fixed contract price on the basis of specification
  • Project categories
    Airports (Schiphol)
    Operational Environments