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Daily maintenance and small construction works AMC


To allow the AMC to continue to operate at the highest level and incorporate the latest medical practices, in addition to new construction, there is also a requirement for extensive renovation and maintenance works.

The project

As part of the larger maintenance plan we have undertaken renovation and maintenance works in these areas: medical laboratories, including a K3lab, administration/ offices, pharmacy, sterilization, radiation bunker, physiotherapy, children's outpatient treatment, X-ray rooms, CT scanners, trauma services, operating theatres, Intensive Care and Medium Care, MRI scanner, day care centers, kidney dialysis and a roof extension..

Our organisation is well adapted to carrying out work in the hospital environment without unnecessarily hindering operations and ensuring minimal inconvenience.

Main Contractor

This project has and will continue to be delivered by MedicomZes (MedicomZes is a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw).

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Client
    Academic Medical Center & University of Amsterdam
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Bouwteam (Construction team)
  • Project categories
    Operational Environments