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Extension of entrance area Polyclinic VUmc


The project involved the demolition and complete redesign of the entrance area. The new entrance area includes a restaurant including kitchen, new reception counters, offices, meeting rooms, washrooms, revolving door and waiting rooms.

The project

The scope of works included a new Bolidt floor, metal ceilings, metal stud walls with designer wall coverings, diverse new interior elements (counters, sofas, information benches, etc.), tiling, wooden restaurant floor and installing a new revolving door. The project was located in the middle of the busiest part of the hospital; thousands of visitors and staff pass through the main entrance everyday. The measures taken to avoid nuisance during the works included: shifted work hours, closing off the construction area with a fabric wall, creating negative pressure in the construction area by applying a ventilation inlet and outlet outside of visiting hours.

Main Contractor

The project was delivered by MedicomZes (a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw bv).

Facts and figures