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FrieslandCampina cheese factory extension


This project consisted of the construction of a cheese dairy, brine store and two cold stores. During the works the production process continued unhindered.

The project

The project involved the following work: constructing two (in-situ) concrete basements, concrete foundations, 5200sqm of concrete floors with underlying beams, steel construction with roof and wall cladding, including adaptation of the existing cladding to obtain a uniform façade and roofing works.

The new cheese dairy with its associated rooms were built on a demolished part of the site (2000sqm area). About a hundred metres away on a partly demolished site, a brine store was constructed of approximately 800sqm. In addition came two cold rooms of nearly 1000sqm each, a logistics area of approximately 500sqm, a reception office and two plant areas. The facade is ten metres above ground level. The basements (1x450sqm and 1x60sqm) are up to four metres deep in the ground. In order to create a unity between the buildings, part of the old facade was stripped and fitted with new cladding.

Additionally, other smaller concrete works were constructed elsewhere on the factory site.

Strict hygiene requirements

In the factory, which manufactures food, stringent hygiene requirements were applied. All the installations and many windows and doors were made from stainless steel due to the salt content of cheese. For hygienic reasons much of the associated plant and machinery in the cheese and brine areas were installed above a load bearing suspended ceiling, constructed of sandwich panels. All the walls and floors in the cheese and brine areas were finished with a special food safe coating with sealed seams. The brine store contains four vats which are four metres deep, of approximately 6x18m each, in which the cheeses are submerged in a strong salt solution. This is an aggressive environment for concrete. That is why the walls were provided with special coating.

Facts and figures

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    FrieslandCampina Cheese & Butter BV
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    Bouwteam (ConstructionTeam), based on Specifications and Drawings
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    Operational Environments