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LEVEL Multifunctional Centre


An inner-city development with logistical challenges

The project

The ROC Leiden Zeezijde (total approx. 51 000sqm) consists of:

  • classrooms for ROC Leiden (19 442sqm),
  • office spaces ( 2743sqm),
  • a care hotel ( 6506sqm),
  • a commercial hotel and spa ( 6562sqm),
  • commercial space (1300sqm),
  • entrance and traffic areas (1386sqm)
  • plant and storage spaces (639sqm)
  • an underground car park (11 644sqm) and
  • underground cycle parking (525sqm).

The project contains 13 storeys.


The two storey underground car park has space for about 350 cars.

The project used approximately 29 000m3 of concrete.


The scheme lies in the centre of Leiden between the Leiden Centraal Station and Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). Close by is the Poortgebouw, a protected historical building.

The building site was sandwiched between, on one side a railway line with a tunnel and a station building, and on the other a bus lane.

The greatest logistical challenge was posed by the foot, cycling and bus traffic in the station area.

There was a deep excavation made to form the underground car park.

About half the area of the underground car park is below the bus lane.

The construction included several voids and atria that were closed with glass roofs. In the glass facade, the open and closed areas of the building are clearly visible.

The construction largely consisted of prefabricated concrete walls, columns and floors. In addition, there were a number of heavy steel constructions.

The project is accredited as a 'Bewuste Bouwers' project (considerate builder scheme). The core pillars of the scheme are 'Conscious', 'Safe', 'Valued', 'Environmental' and 'Social'.

Visser & Smit Bouw employed a Building Information Model (BIM) to deliver the architectural, structural and planning elements at specification, working drawings and revision levels.

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Client
    Green Key City B.V.
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Design & Construct based on UAV-GC
  • Management
    Alphaplan B.V
  • Architect
    Meijer & Van Schooten Architecten bv
  • Consultants
    ABT B.V. / Aveco de Bondt bv
  • Main Contractor
    Consortium of Visser & Smit Bouw / Boele & van Eesteren
  • Project categories
    Considerate Builders
    Operational Environments

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