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Museum de Beyerd


The works included the renovation and extension of the Museum for Graphic Design (5200sqm).

The project

The museum consists of the following components:

National monument, built in 1632. It contains the main entrance, lounge with café and museum foyer on the ground floor. On the first floor there are offices. The second floor is partly used as plant areas.

The existing artotheek, built in 1991. The public spaces in this building are a shop on the ground floor and a knowledge centre on the first floor. In the basement is the depot. The other rooms on the ground floor and on the first floor provide support functions for the museum. The second floor is partly used as plant areas and partly as storage spaces.

Also included in the works were the new exhibition halls, the auditorium and the traffic zones.

The current name of the museum is MOTI, Museum of the Image.

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Client
    Breda City Council
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Specification and Drawings
  • Architect and management
    Hans van Heeswijk Architecten B.V.
  • Design engineers
  • Consultant engineer
    Ingenieursbureau Linssen B.V.
  • Energy Consultant
    Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V.
  • Project categories
    (complex) Commercial construction
    Operational Environments