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New compressor and pressure reducing stations Gasunie


Works comprised construction of a new compressor station next to an existing pressure-reducing station from Gasunie. The new installation was also connected to the pressure-reducing station.

The project

The compressor station was part of the GWWL project by Gasunie. This project was commissioned to increase the capacity of the gas transport between Groningen and Wieringermeer. This is necessary because of the declining gas reserves in the North Sea. The new 48" pipeline from Grijpskerk can now meet the future demand for natural gas in Western Netherlands and gas transportation to England.

The project scope involved various disciplines, from: main building, generator building, distribution station, VSDS building, two compressors, pipe system, filter separators, condensate tank, diesel tank, instrument air packages and the surveillance and security system. Visser & Smit Bouw completed: the four buildings, the compressor blocks and the various foundations for the piping and the E&I installation.

All the buildings have a concrete cellar of approx. 1.5m below ground level and above this a floor approx. 5.3m high. The floors on levels consist of slab floors, hollow core floors, steel grating flooring and computer flooring. The superstructure is traditional with blockwork inner leaf and brick outer leaf. All roof constructions consist of hollow core floors and plastic roofing membranes. The VSDS building is also a steel construction and the link building has a steel walkway. In the main building are a number of offices. This building has most fit-out work. The pipe foundations are mostly about 3m below ground level. The 48" main pipe that goes to Wieringermeer connects to the existing reduce station. There were therefore a number of adjustments to the existing installation. The two compressor blocks have a thickness of 1.6m and form the foundation for the compressors which keeps the gas at the right pressure.

The pipeline route and the wells were prefabricated by Visser & Smit Bouw, which contributed to a reduced construction time.

Main Contractor

Consortium of Visser & Smit Bouw bv / Visser & Smit Hanab bv / Imtech Projects N.V.

Facts and figures

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    N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
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    Specifications and Drawings
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    Tebodin bv
  • Main Contractor
    Consortium of Visser & Smit Bouw bv / Visser & Smit Hanab bv / Imtech Projects N.V.
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