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New Lab PRA Health Sciences

The old laboratory of PRA Health Sciences at the Westenbrink in Assen was too small and no longer met current needs and requirements. For these reasons, the old laboratory has been replaced by an up-to-date laboratory, at a prominent location beside the A28 motorway. Kondor Wessels Projecten commissioned Visser & Smit Bouw for the Design & Construct of the office building with a bioanalytical lab function.

Bioanalytical laboratory

The laboratory has a total of 3 floors with a flexible floor plan which makes it possible to adapt these in the future. Next to the canteen on the 1st floor is the roof terrace which overlooks the adjacent pond. Part of the building (north-eastern side) is located above an existing pond. In order to make the new building possible, this section was filled in during the construction phase.


In addition to standard laboratories, the building also houses an isotope laboratory and an ML I and ML II laboratory. There are strict requirements for the use of these spaces and also for the construction of these spaces. The laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment for ‘small and large molecular' bioanalyse and ensures optimal efficiency for bioanalytical processes.

Research into new medicines

The tenant, PRA Health Sciences (PRA) is an independent international Contract Research Organisation (CRO). PRA Health Sciences is engaged, on behalf of international pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, in commercial research into the effect of new medicines on people.

Facts and figures

  • Location
  • Status
  • Client
    PRA Health Science
  • Architect
    Alynia Architecten Harlingen bv BNA
  • Contract
    Design & Build
  • Project execution
    Visser & Smit Bouw (commissioned by Kondor Wessels Projecten)
  • Installations
    HOMIJ Technische Installaties bv
  • Project categories
    (complex) Commercial construction
    Design & Build