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New University Building, Amsterdam


 Lecture hall by day, film theatre by night: this is possible in the multifunctional New University Building of the VU Amsterdam.

The place where education, science and business life come together

The New University Building brings together education, science and business. The project is realised in the grounds of the VU on the De Boelelaan in Amsterdam South. The Zuidas is an area where many people live, work, study and play sports. It is a fantastic inner-city area of economic importance with the challenges that go with it, such as a considerable amount of destination and passing traffic in every conceivable form; from public transport, car traffic and cyclists to pedestrians.

A range of possibilities

In addition to a fantastic study and work environment, the building has a lively, vibrant atrium space on the ground floor. There is also room for restaurants and other amenities such as shops. The classrooms can also be used as theatre and cinema spaces, and in the evening a film can be shown where a lecture will take place the next day.


The New University building is seven stories high on the campus side and has twelve floors on De Boelelaan. In total, the building comprises approx. 31,000m². of above-ground space. The 3-storey underground parking garage has approx. 24,000m² available for 600 cars and 1,300 bicycles.

Live webcam

The construction of the New University Building can be followed live via a webcam. The webcam is best viewed in Google Chrome.

Click her to go to the live stream.




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