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Parking garage l'Hermitage


There were two underground car parks designed and constructed, one of 13 896sqm and another of 25 939sqm. A total of 39 835sqm. The combined capacity of the car parks is 1600 cars (500 + 1100). The parking garages are part of the office project l'Hermitage.

The project

The prestigious office complex l'Hermitage is situated next to the main train station in Almere. The new office strip consists of two impressive office buildings, namely: WTC Carlton and Martinez.

The car parks are part of the complex. The work consisted of the complete design, development and delivery of two underground car parks in Mandela park, behind the office complex.

The underground car parks are four storeys deep. In addition, Visser & Smit Bouw were responsible for the ground floor roof construction. Visser & Smit Bouw was responsible for the implementation of the foundations, the structural work, outfitting and the W-, E-and T-installations.


Notable features:

  • The deepest point of the Flevopolder is 16.20m below sea level
  • Next to the cofferdams were150 apartments
  • The site is in the city centre next to Almere Central Station
  • A main bus route passes the site
  • There was also a lot of pedestrian and cycle traffic
  • The main railway tracks are 75m away.

Prefabricated elements were used for the columns, beams, stairs, landings and floor slabs.

Visser & Smit Bouw achieved several optimizations, particularly in the cofferdam construction and equipment (fire ventilation).

Facts and figures