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Reconfiguration program for BP refinery


Various works at the Nerefco plant (current BP refinery) in Rotterdam on the basis of a Unit Price contract.

The project

The largest component was the construction of the new FCCU Naptha HydroTreater plant, which produces petroleum products by the catalytic cracking of crude oil.

The scope of the works within the GOH2/GOH3 factories comprised expansions at various locations of the existing facilities (the factories produce diesel). All these works were carried out in the operational areas of the refinery. In addition, the construction (Design & Build) of two prefabricated substations were undertaken (large technical areas of 300 and 200sqm respectively) and the extension of a third substation. For these substations we also built the mechanical installations, as well as the outside cabling work , the grounding and the piping for fire extinguishing water, drinking water and sewage system.

At the same time we also undertook the civil aspects for the projects 'Turnarounds' in 2007 and 2008 and 'Low Sulphur Heating' (supervising consultant Aker Solutions).

Facts and figures