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Refurbishment of cardiac operating theatres VUmc


Major refurbishment of the four remaining theatres on the sixth floor.

The project

The project was divided into five phases and included the following:

  • Building K3/S3 rooms
  • Radiation proof rooms
  • Renovating existing cardiac theatres
  • The construction of cleanrooms, rebuilding lead walls, ceilings and floors, including customised finishes and furnishings and expansion of the E + W installations.

It was very complex work, due to the works being carried out in a clinically clean and operational environment (construction and operations running alongside each other) In addition, there were difficult and ever changing supply and waste routes due to the close proximity of patient transport.

During each phase dust screens were erected and a vacuum pump installed to create a hermetically sealed work environment. The dust sheets were checked daily to ensure their integrity. The dust was removed via a separate channel to the outside. The pressure in the construction area was measured and recorded on a daily basis.

There were daily meetings to monitor if the works were causing any disturbance to the hospital operation. The meetings sought to deal with any potentially troublesome situations during the works. If necessary, the works were completed outside normal working hours.

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Client
    VU medisch centrum
  • Status
  • Contract type
    Bouwteam (Construction team)
  • Architect
    Het Architecten Forum
  • Project categories
    Operational Environments