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Renovation and maintenance Slotervaart Hospital


Construction work for the renovation and refurbishment as part of the short-term rehousing, of the OK complex, recovery, treatment areas, outpatient clinics, wards, central sterilization, pharmacy, 'cleanroom' areas, radiology and general office and living spaces.

The project

We carried out all architectural work in specialist areas, such as laboratories, x-ray rooms, operating rooms, cleanroom areas and wards. Along with these we also carried out various maintenance works. All this was done in close cooperation the users of those spaces and with the technical and construction services of the client. There was no architect involved in the project. At the request of the client, the project team from MedicomZes assumed the role of 'architect' themselves and in consultation with the client's program of requirements and preliminary design translated these into a final design and final construction drawings.

MedicomZes also assumed the role of construction consultant, participated in all meetings with users and introduced at all levels its knowledge and expertise of 'building in health care'. All these projects were serviced from the building site, situated at the rear of the hospital. For the supply and removal of materials and staff we used the logistics corridors and elevators of the hospital. We helped the hospital to function during the major works by extensive use of interim facilities to keep nuisance to a minimum.

Main Contractor

This project was delivered by MedicomZes (a trading name of Visser & Smit Bouw bv).

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