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Renovation of Dryer 23 FrieslandCampina


In 2002, the former dryer was dismantled and the site was inactive until the this project. In July 2011, construction started on the new powder line with a planned output of 180 million kg of milk per year. Some use of existing components was made during the project. Asbestos removal- and demolition were part of this project.

The project

The project also consisted of the coating of steel structures and replacing the inner cladding of the existing building dryer. In the adjacent factory was a new concrete construction with a concrete slab at a height of 14m. The existing steel structure was modified and the roof replaced. The factory had to continue operating without any hindrance from the works. Logistics played a crucial role in this project. The existing factory building was on one side enclosed by the factory itself and on the other side by a canal. To be able to get the heaviest parts of machinery in to the factory hall a large tower crane was used, which had to be grounded in the canal. The prefabricated parts were made at the yard in Groningen.

Other works included the construction of a stair core and lift shaft  and the fit-out of the building.


The existing building (1918) consists of three towers next to each other:

  • Tower 11 Dimensions 23 x 13m, 38m high;
  • Tower 13 Dimensions 17 x 13m, 38m high;
  • Tower 23 Dimensions 17 x 13m, 44m high.

Facts and figures

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    FrieslandCampina Consumer Products
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    Specification and Drawings
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    Ingenieursburo EconStruct BV
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    Relco wet & dry
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    Operational Environments