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Salt factory for Proud


Construction of a new salt factory, called Project Proud (Production Expansion Delfzijl).

The project

A total of 500sqm and 300m3 GFA was constructed. The factory is built on pad foundations over which is formed a ground floor slab laid to falls. A steel frame 28m high (six floors) was then constructed. A second floor was introduced at height of 6.75m with a 120mm precast lattice girder slab with floor edge, produced in our workshop. All other floors were constructed of plastic grating.

The whole construction is open air. In the existing factory we also undertook various civil engineering and construction work. The new factory is linked to the existing with pipe bridges.

Facts and figures

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    AKZO Nobel T&E
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    Specification and Drawings
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    Akzo Nobel T&E
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    Operational Environments