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Stedin "Steampipe" Common Carrier Botlek

Botlek Rotterdam

The project involved linking factories in the Botlek area with a steam pipe.

The project

Stimulated by the environmental objectives of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, this project has brought about a huge reduction in CO2 emissions in the Botlek area.


Our sister company Visser & Smit Hanab was commissioned to build a network of pipes to allow a 'steam exchange' between various factories. Some that have a surplus of steam (and discharge), and others that have been meeting their own steam requirements with fossil based fuels (carbon emissions) The first route (West) consisted of seven factory sites. The mutual input and draw off of steam created a local "Common Carrier".


The scheme was devised by Visser & Smit Hanab and eventually came to fruition by the creation of subsidy rules and procurement guidelines by network administrator Stedin.

  • Constructability-route studies + design;

Digging route and stakeholders consultation (pipeline management, pipeline owners, land owners)

  • Environmental investigations/action planning and taking care of DCMR regulations;
  • Wabo-permit applications;
  • Civil Engineering scope: piles, foundations, pipe supports, general concrete work, pipe bridges and finishes.

Facts and figures