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The Gelders House


On behalf of the In Domu Nova consortium, we have adapted the monumental accommodation of the province of Gelderland. We have delivered a modern and sustainable accommodation. In addition to the existing House of the Province, we have also provided a new building.

Modern accommodation

Important values, both for the design of the Gelders House and for the provincial organisation, were transparency, accessibility, connection and cooperation. The strength of iDNova’s design lies in the use of the valuable cultural-historical aspects of the province house and the architectural translation thereof, to the 21st century. The province opts for sustainable, energy-efficient and effective housing. The new space meets the modern requirements in terms of energy consumption, safety and technology. By taking account of future maintenance in the design phase and by the innovative application of modern materials, the maintenance costs remain as low as possible.

Monumental Gesamtkunstwerk

The House of the Province is a true Gesamtkunstwerk from the post-war reconstruction period. In a period marked by a scarcity of materials, a true work of art was made with brick and great craftsmanship. The identity of the province as an organisation is therefore strongly interwoven with this monument, so the design was extended to the new building. For example, the facade pattern of the new building is based on the design of the longitudinal facades of the House of the Province and connections have been made between the provincial government building and the new building. In addition to the creation of a central meeting centre, an unusually shaped atrium roof was built that covers the courtyard.

Multifunctional and future proofed

The new accommodation functions as a coherent whole and expresses this in terms of both the interior and its appearance to the city. Four air bridges, which also function as (flexible) workplaces, connect the buildings spatially and functionally ensuring a logistical cohesion. The courtyard is covered with a durable roof of plastic air cushions (ETFE roof). This special enclosure reduces the energy consumption of the entire complex, gives the courtyard a contemporary feel and creates a multifunctional space usable for meetings. This not only makes the monument more sustainable, but it will also be better preserved for the future. The total size of the revitalisation of the existing accommodation involved approximately 16,000m² of gross floor area (House of the Province and the Sabelspoort). The new building, including parking, management and maintenance of the existing parking garage Prinsenhof C had a floor area of ​​approximately 13,000m².


The revitalisation of the existing accommodation and the new building took place in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a DBMO contract. After commissioning the building, the contract will have a term of twenty years, during which time all aftercare will be dealt with by us. Users of the building are thus completely facilitated and can focus on their own primary process and do not have to worry about the property or the services.

Facts and figures

  • Site
  • Status
    On site
  • Client
    Province of Gelderland
  • Architect
    Team V Architectuur B.V.
  • Projectmanagement
    VolkerWessels Integraal
  • The New Work and interior design
    OTH architecten
  • Building physics, sustainability and security
  • Urban design and landscaping
    Karres en Brands Landschapsarchitecten B.V.
  • Installations
    Valstar Simonis Adviseurs Installatietechniek
  • Structural engineering
    Bartels Ingenieursbureau
  • Construction, management and maintenance
    Visser & Smit Bouw B.V. / Bouwbedrijf Wessels Rijssen B.V.
  • Construction of building systems
    HOMIJ Technische Installaties B.V.
  • Facilities
    PCH Integrated Facility Management & Services B.V.
  • Consultant for restoration and monument maintenance
    Architectenbureau Fritz
  • Essential term maintenance for building and plant
    VolkerWessels Vastgoedbeheer
  • Project categories
    (complex) Commercial construction
    Considerate Builders